Code of Behaviour

At The Tynings, we believe that positive behaviour should be the outcome of positive, consistent and defined relationships between staff and pupils.


  • We, as the adults, always model calm, controlled and caring behaviour
  • Our attention as adults is focused first in those children who are behaving well
  • We do not reward the minimum standard (beyond a simple thank you) - we look to highlight children going 'above and beyond' and give them the formal recognition
  • We define as a school what we will all consistently do : recognition, expectation, and routines
  • We make our expectations explicit through clear routines
  • We have 3 simple rules which are referred to in every discussion about conduct

Our three rules are that every child be:

1. Ready

2. Respectful

3. Safe

All conversations with children about conduct will refer back to these three rules

Please read our 'Positive Relationships Policy' in the policies section for further details

Severe Behaviour

The Tynings Positive Relationships Policy is intended to encourage children to make positive choices and, through appropriate rewards and sanctions, and the involvement of parents, provide a framework for children to learn self-discipline and respect. However, there are some occasions when it is necessary to apply the severe clause that is indicated in this policy. We have a 'Severe Behaviour Policy' which explains the structure and process of the severe clause.

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