Vision and Values


Respect I respect myself, treat others as I would like to be treated, and value what I have around me.
Ambition I have high expectations of myself and others; I focus on my learning, and make the most of opportunities which come my way
Determination I am always ready to be the best I can be, I try my hardest, and I persevere.
Adventure I am enthusiastic and creative in my learning; I rise to a challenge and am curious to find out more


The staff, parents and governors have agreed that the core aims of the school are as follows:

The Tynings aims for all children to...

  1. Feel safe, happy, healthy & valued;
  2. Be self-confident and caring; embracing opportunities & challenges in order to reach their full potential.
  3. Develop creative and curious minds for an adventurous life-long learning journey.
  4. Be responsible global citizens who understand, appreciate and respect the world, its diversity and environment.
  5. Achieve high standards in Reading, Writing & Maths.

These aims articulate the schools vision for an outstanding future and strategic school improvement goals will be focused on achieving these.

Strategic Goals 2016-2020:

  1. ATTAINMENT in English and Maths at the end of each Key Stage ranks The Tynings within the top 10% of schools nationally.
  2. Children develop confidence and resilience to challenges through developing LEADERSHIP skills.
  3. Children develop CREATIVITY through access to a curriculum which is broad and highly engaging.
  4. Children understand their role as GLOBAL CITIZENS; demonstrating empathy and respect for different cultures and communities locally, nationally and internationally.
  5. All Children are HEALTHY AND ACTIVE; utilising outdoor learning opportunities.

Open Days 2020-21

02 Sep 2020

If you have a child who will be starting school in September 2021 and would like to come and see our wonderful school please see attached the dates of our open days. Due to the current situation num...

Our Reconnection Plan

27 Aug 2020

Please see attached our Reconnection Plan for your return to school in September 2020 Reconnection Plan

Return to School Risk Assessment

22 May 2020

Please see attached our updated Risk Assessment for the reopening of our school in September 2020. Updated Re-Opening Plan

What to do if you receive a Head Bump notification

15 Jan 2020

If your child bumps their head during school you will receive a notification via SZapp and/or email.  Should the injury be a little more serious you will receive a phone call informing you of the...

Parent Governor

02 Dec 2019

We currently have a vacancy for a Parent Governor at school.  If you would like to make a difference please click on the links below to see the information letter and application form. Vacancy Le...