School Uniform

Children are expected to wear school uniform as we believe a uniform identifies our school and promotes a spirit of community and pride.


Any items of uniform with our school logo may be obtained from Initially Yours online at

  or from their shop at 11 Soundwell Road (tel 0117 995 0909). We encourage you to ‘shop around’ for all other items.



  • Grey trousers (no leggings), or grey pinafore dress or skirt
  • Grey short trousers (not sports shorts)
  • White / Red blouses or polo shirt
  • Red cardigan, sweatshirt or jumper (with either the school logo or no logo at all)
  • Red and white striped or checked gingham dresses may be worn during the summer term.
  • Black shoes (no trainers please) Shoes with heels are not allowed.
  • Black, red or white socks or tights in keeping with the colours of the uniform as far as possible.
  • Reception children: smart grey jogging bottoms with no logo or stripes can be worn.
  • Year 6 children will wear a grey and red striped tie with white shirt or blouse (long or short sleeved,) and a plain red v-neck jumper or cardigan

 PE Kit

For P.E., all children should be provided with:

  • Grey jogging bottoms with the school logo
  • Red hoodie with the school logo
  • T-shirt in the colour of your child’s House* – either with school logo or plain
  • Daps or trainers (pull-on, not laces, are preferred for younger children)

Fashion items of dress are not part of our school uniform.

Forest School Kit

  • Waterproof coat
  • Waterproof trousers (or old trousers although jeans are not suitable as they absorb lots of water and mud)
  • Wellies


In line with South Gloucestershire policy, jewellery is not permitted in school apart from one small stud earring is permitted in each ear and a wrist watch. These must be removed or covered on PE days.

No jewellery is permitted when children take part in swimming lessons.


Lost Property

Parents are reminded of the importance of clearly naming your child’s belongings with either sew on/iron on, personalised tape or with a permanent marker pen.

In the interest of social training, however, every child is expected eventually to be responsible for his or her own property and learn how to take care of it.

Any lost, unnamed items are placed in the lost property box, which can be found in the main reception area.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

You will find a rack of clothing for sale to the left of the reception desk when you come in to school. Any item on this rack that is marked “SH” on the label is available for you to buy. We ask for a donation to school funds for any item of clothing you want. We recommend the following donations:

  •  Shirt / blouse: £1
  • Trousers / Skirt / Dress / Jumper or Cardigan: £2

 You can make any donation to school fund for the items on the rack – please give your money to Mrs Mundy or Mrs Johns in the office.

 Do you have any school uniform that we put in the second hand shop? Please wash it and give it to the school office.

 All money raised is used to help subsidise school events (trips, theatre productions, etc).

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